Joyetech eGo-C TWIST 1000 mAh variable voltage battery

The much anticipated genuine Joyetech eGo-C Twist 1000 mAh battery is now available!  The New eGo-C Twist battery has adjustable output voltage from 3.2V to 4.8V in 0.2 increments.  Simply TWIST  the bottom knob to adjust the voltage.  There are eight grids on the bottom knob, each representing 0.2V. 
Twist the knob clockwise to increase voltage, twist counterclockwise to decrease voltage.

The eGo-C Twist battery has the 5 button lock/unlock protection, no more misfires in your purse or pocket!

The eGo-C Twist uses the same accessories and chargers as the eGo, and has 510/eGo threading!  Use your favorite 510 or eGo cartomizer or atomizer at low resistance (lower ohms, Ω) and lower voltages or choose the best voltage for higher resistances (higher ohms, Ω).

The battery is safer than regular Joye batteries because each battery has 3 kinds of Protections:

1. Short Circuit Protection: When short circuit happens, the battery will shut down.   Power will resume when short circuit ends.

2. Atomizer Protection: If you press the button for 10 seconds, the battery will be locked until the next press.

3. Low Voltage Protection: When the battery voltage is lower than 3.3V, the battery will shut down.


Length: 121 mm

Weight: 42.0 g

Accurate adjustment of output voltage

Intensified short circuit protection, discharge and overcharge protection, switch protection, atomizer protection, low voltage protection.

eGo-C TWIST 1000 mAh Battery

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