Innokin iClear Dual Coil Changeable Clearomizer

The Innokin iClear clearomizer is a dual coil system with 4 thick wicks and offers impressive vapor production and a strong throat hit.  The iClear is easy to fill and the coil heads are simple to replace.

510/eGo threaded

To Fill:
Unscrew the mouthpiece.
Avoiding the center breathing tube, fill to the 1.6 mL mark with e-liquid nicotine.
Replace the mouthpiece.
Allow the clearomizer to sit for 2 minutes to allow the wicks to transport the liquid to the coils.

To replace the coil head:
Remove the bottom post from the clearomizer.
Unscrew the coil head from the post, replace with a new coil head.
Replace the bottom post onto the clearomizer.

Please follow this link for the replacement coil heads for the iClear.

*Please note: This cartomizer should not be used with Cinnamon Death, Rage, Heaven & Hell, Sweetart, Ectoplasm, or Gummi Bear.

*No warranties / refunds / exchanges on cartomizers.

*The clearomizer is EMPTY and need to be filled with e-liquid nicotine

*Please note: The coil head for Vision V3 eGo Clearomizer is NOT compatible with the Vivi Nova Tank Clearomizer or the Changeable Coil Clearomizer.

Innokin iClear 16 Dual Coil Changeable Clearomizer

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