Coil Heads for V3 Vision eGo Clearomizer, 5 Pack

*Please note: The coil heads for Vision V3 eGo Clearomizer are NOT compatible with the Vivi Nova Tank Clearomizers, the Changeable Coil Clearomizer, or 5mL Changeable eGo Clearomizer.

The long wick coil heads are customized for V3 Vision eGo Clearomizer.  We offer 3 different resistances; 1.8, 2.4, 2.8, and 3.2 ohm.

Please choose the resistance of the wick coil heads. 
Lower resistance (measured in ohms) is the best for a strong throat hit and great vapor production when using a standard voltage battery or at lower voltage on a variable voltage battery.  The low resistance coil heads will give a burnt flavor if used at too high of a voltage setting.  For example, the 1.8 ohm coil wick heads will give this burnt flavor around 4.2 volts.  It is best to keep below this voltage level.
Higher resistance (higher ohms)  will produce a lighter throat hit and less vapor production at low voltages or will provide a stronger throat hit and more vapor production at higher voltages on a variable voltage battery.  The higher resistance coil wick heads can be used for the full range of most variable voltage batteries.
For best results using variable voltage batteries, try starting at around 3.8 V and then increase the voltage for a harder hit or decrease for a lighter hit.

Resistance = 1.8, 2.4, 2.8, or 3.2 ohm
eGo threading

Please see the following link for the V3 Vision Changeable Wick Clearomizers that work with these Coil Heads.

To replace the coil head

Unscrew the tube from the clearomizer at the bottom.

Unscrew the coil head from the base.

Screw on a new coil head to the base.

Screw the base back onto the clearomizer.

Coil Heads for V3 Vision eGo Clearomizer, 5 Pack

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